Continuous Azure function deployement from Github using Kudu Build Server

From Visual Studio make sure the github extension is installed.

In this example, we will automate the deployement of Azure Function from a github repository.

From Visual Studio make sure the github extension is installed.

Click Manage Connections

Double click the project created and in the solutions section create a new solutions

Choose an Azure Function project.

Modify the code by changing the class and function name

Commit the code and push it to github.

Azure Portal

Got to Azure portal and create a new Azure function.

Once created, under plateform features click Deployment Center.

In the deployement center screen choose Github and enter the credentials.

In the Build Provider

Choose App Service Kudu Build server.

Next choose your github repository and branch.

Click finish to start the deployment.

If you receive the error below:

Function Type Name Invalid

Make sure to change the function extension from appsetting.

Once deployed test the function by providing a parameterĀ  in the test window:

You can see the execution result in the output window.

Now go back to the code change the code

Commit and push the modifications to Github.

Watch the deployment center status

Re-test and you can see the updated version

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