Microsoft Azure Certifications Preparation & Study Guides

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a Charter Member for passing one of the most difficult exams in the past ( I passed over 9 certifications and have developed my own methods to learn and pass the certifications which I am going to share in this blog.

Below is my course preparation workflows for every new topic and certification

Recommended readings:

Start with the official Exam page and work backwards

Analyze the exam requirements page:

Every certification has a list of required set of exam codes as a pre-requisite, make sure you review and pass all required exams. Each certification has skills measured, you need to to know how every bullet point , if you have trouble you can post technical questions on ,MSDN forums or Reddit.

for every bullet point: find the corresponding azure official documentation and make sure to go through and understand the topic.

Example for Deploy and configure infrastructure –>Analyze resource utilization and consumption –> Configure diagnostic settings on resources.

You need to search and read about Azure Diagnostic Logs.


Pluralsight has a wide variety of path oriented courses to pass the corresponding certifications.

Pluralsight Free Trial with Unlimited Access

Get hands on practice on Microsoft Handson Labs

Once you sign up for a lab , you will receive instructions and a free azure environment to practice and complete the labs.

If you are not an avid book reader, I suggest you go through Azure certifications courses on udemy.

Check out the azure certification courses in

Official Exam Ref book on

The official Exam Reference Guides are very well written for preparing for new certification path. I strongly recommended reading the study guides front to back until you are confident with all of the material. These books are not the type you memorize sit in the exams and pass there are meant to be reference with a mix of high level / details with some real world use cases.

Exam Ref: AZ-103
Exam Ref: AZ-203
Exam Ref: AZ-300

Practice Tests:

VCE Exam collection

I am not a big fan of dumps but you might want to have a look at some exams to get an understanding of the various use case scenarios and subject areas.

You can find them here:


You might also want to check a list of practice tests on

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